Wednesday, August 19, 2009

God be with you till we met again.....

All of you who know Lloyd know of the love he had for his family, the gospel, temples, any kind of sport,being in the outdoors and his Savor Jesus Christ. As we gathered around Grandpa during his last few hours we shared many stories. We laughed as we talked of the cabin and the boys and their hunting and fishing adventures. We felt peace as we read scriptures and disused the great love Grandpa has for the gospel and how lived it.
We wiped away a few tears as we sang hymns and primary songs around his bed during his last few minutes. You could feel the spirit so strong in his room and the joy he must have been feeling to be reunited with his sweetheart and daughter once again.
Soon after he passed someone said “I wonder if he is passing though the veil right now?" We talked about how he was the last one in his family to go and how they might feel being able to welcome him home. We wondered if those beyond the veil feel the same way about welcoming someone back home as we do when we welcome a new baby to earth.

As Kent, Larry and Roger stood around him I heard them say
“Well done thy good and faithful servant you have passed the test.”

we love you and will miss you until we met again

Memories of Grandpa

I know we are all reflecting on memories we have had with Lloyd Keith Schlappi whether he was your neighbor, father, Grandfather or friend he has left precious memories in our lives.
We would love for the family to share your memories on the blog if you want, that way we have something to read and remember the great impact he had in so many lives.
If you would like to do a post and are not sure what you need to do you can email me at and I will my best to help you.

My Grandpa

My Grandpa, Lloyd Keith Schlappi passed away yesterday.
This is the last picture I have of him.
I knew it would be my last visit with him.

During our short visit we talked about "dancing in the kitchen"
I will always remember standing on my grandpa's feet and dancing through the house.
I even found this picture and my mom had written on the back,
"dancing with Grandpa"

Last night my kids were asking me about my Grandpa. I told them this story.
My Grandpa was a counselor in the Manti Temple Presidency for many years. One summer when I was 9 years old I got to go stay with them for a few days in their little apartment at the bottom of temple hill. While they would work in the temple for a few hours I would stay at their apartment and color and eat grandma's treats and watch The Price is Right. One morning the phone rang and it my Grandpa. He told me to put my church dress on and meet him at the temple and he would be waiting for me.
As I was walking up the hill I remember being nervous because I didn't see my Grandpa.
And then just as I got up to the temple the temple door opened and my Grandpa was standing there all in white and gave me a hug.
He held my hand and we walked inside the temple.
For a minute I thought maybe I was doing something wrong because I knew I wasn't old enough to go in the temple yet, but I also knew that my Grandpa wouldn't take me anywhere I wasn't supposed to go.
I remember seeing the chandelier in the temple and thinking to myself that this was the most beautiful place I had ever been in.
Turns out my Grandpa just wanted to have lunch with me. He took me downstairs to the cafeteria and we had lunch with my Grandma.
I look back on that day and realize that is the day I knew that someday I would be married in the temple.
Twelve summers later my Grandpa sealed Kyle and I in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for time and all eternity.
My Grandpa was holding my mom's hand as she passed away. He kept talking to her right until the end. He was crying and I knew how hard that was for him as a father to see his only daughter pass on before him.
I know yesterday there was an amazing reunion as my mom was with both her parents again. How happy my Grandpa must have been to see them both dressed in white waiting for him.
He must have been as happy as I was on that summer day when my Grandpa all dressed in white was waiting for me.
I will miss you Grandpa.

Grandpa we love you!!!

Tonight (Aug 18) at 8:54 pm Grandpa passed away peacefully.
He was surrounded by several family members as he passed on.
There will be a viewing Friday night (I believe form 6-8)
The Funeral is Saturday August 22 at 2:00pm

It was very peaceful he was calm and would open his eyes every once in a while when he would hear us talking by him. You could really feel the spirit as we gathered together to be with him during those last few hours of his life.

More information and pictures soon to come.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have heard from Roger that Grandpa is on oxygen all the time right now and that they have decided to take him off the oxygen at 7:00pm tonight. The hospice nurse thinks that once the oxygen is off it won't be to long before he pass on.
I will continue to keep you up to date with what I know.

More information

Larry received a phone call this morning and Grandpa has gone down hill fairly quickly today. They are telling us that he may not make it through the day.
We will keep you up to date as the day goes on.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New information on Grandpa

The last few months as my family and I have gone to see Grandpa there hadn’t been much change in his condition until lately, he would have good and bad days but for the most part he had more good days. I went to visit on Aug 6th and he was doing pretty good he was awake and alert he talk to us, mostly about his past he asked when Kent, Rog and Larry were coming to get him to go fishing. He talked about going fishing east of the old swimming hole. We had a good visit my favorite part was when the nurse came by and asked Grandpa if he knew who I was and he grab my hand and said “this is my sweetie” and kissed my hand. I’m not sure if he really knew or not but he made me feel special.
Kent saw him on Aug 13th and said he was awake and very talkative then as well.
If you look close you can see that his eyes are open in this picture.
For those of you who don’t see him very often I thought I would post a few pictures.
My Dad hasn’t been able to see him for a few days but did get there tonight and Grandpa wasn’t having a good day and from what the nurses said has been that way a few days. He has refused food and water for 2-3 days now and had a very glossy look in his eyes. He also seems to be having some pain but no one is sure where it’s coming from every time they touch him even to hold his hand he gets upset and says that it hurts. Roger talked to him about Grandma and Carolyn and asked him “do you want to go home?” and that seemed to help calm him down a little bit. When Roger got there he was breathing fast and his heart rate was a little elevated. His oxygen levels have been dropping as low as 73% when he’s sleeping once they get the oxygen on for a while it comes back up to around 95% he doesn’t like the oxygen on so that makes it a little tricky. His hospice nurse (Jason) said that typically once he stops eating and drinking most people usually don’t make it very long the most is about 7 days. But if they can get him to drink something it may be as long as a month.
No one is really sure how much longer Grandpa has to live, we don’t know if this is his last few days or if he will make it another few months. We just wanted everyone to know what things are going on right now and share what we have heard from the nurses. I will keep the blog up to date with what I know. I’m sorry it has been so long between updates I know that some of you check often to see how thing are going and I will try really hard to help you stay in touch by sharing what I know about Grandpa’s condition.